Wind Winging is one of the fastest growing watersports at the moment and it’s easy to see why. Imagine gliding silently along on a foil, harnessing the power of the wind through an inflatable hand help wing. This new sport allows you to ride ocean swells and explore lakes and other bodies of water that would normally be off limits with other spots such as kitesurfing.

Our 2022 Courses

With good quality professional tuition you can be up and riding in no time at all. Our courses have been designed from the ground up and we have the perfect location at Calshot for teaching the basics with a large flat water lagoon that forms at high tide.

We use the latest equipment including large boards and slow foils to make learning as safe and easy as possible. Our state of the art bluetooth radio helmets allow for continuous Instruction when you might otherwise not be able to hear. This can really speed up the learning process.

For those with no previous experience of being on a paddleboard/Windsurf/Kiteboard before, we recommend starting with a paddleboard lessons first.

Introductory courses

Begin with our Intro course to learn the basics of handling the wing and using it to generate power. We then recommend lots of practice before returning for our intro to the foil course.

Introduction to Wing

Course structure: 2hrs private (1:1) or 3hrs group (2:1)
This Course Introduces the very basics and starts on dry land where you will learn basic wing handling and how to generate power. Once you have mastered this you will then take to the water and learn how to use the wing to ride across the wind on a large beginner paddleboard.

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Introduction to the Foil

Course structure: 2hrs private (1:1) or 3hrs group (2:1)
Once you have mastered the basics on a SUP it’s time to swap your board for a specific wind wing board with a hydrofoil. This course will begin with learning how to handle a hydrofoil in the water and then progress to taxying which is where you ride off the foil. The final part of this course focuses on the rise and glide where you will experience your 1st rides on the foil.

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Improver courses

Our Improver courses are for those that need help with a specific area. Whether you are struggling to get up on the foil or need help with your gybes we can help.

Wing Improver Sessions

Course structure: 2hrs private (1:1) or 3hrs group (2:1)
These sessions are designed for people that have already had lessons and are wanting to improve in a certain area. Whether it’s further help in getting up on the foil, tidying up your
stance and general riding or learning your 1st gybes we can help.

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Gift Vouchers

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Gift Vouchers are available in any ammount and can be purchased for all courses and holidays on offer. Vouchers are normally sent out by email the very same day as ordering, Perfect if you’ve left it a bit late! We can also pop one in the post if you prefer.

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Q. What Kitesurf Lessons would you recommend for a complete Beginner?

If you want to find out if the sport is for you then our 1-Day course is a great place to start. For a more detailed introduction into kite flying and to give a real head start before water based lessons then we would recommend our introductory land based course. We have found that students then progress fastest when the tuition can be tailored to their individual needs once we get on the water and usually recommend private 1:1 tuition for water based lessons.

Q. What Paddleboard course would you recommend for a complete Beginner?

If you want to simply have a taste of the sport then our 2hr paddleboard taster course is a great option. It's designed to get you standing up straight away giving and to give you all of the fun bits of the sport. For those wanting to get in to the sport and continue paddling on their own we recommend our 2 hr ready to ride course. As well as being lots of fun it includes some theory on important things to know before heading out alone.

Q. How many Kitesurf lessons do i need before I can go out on my own?

This is a tricky one to answer as everyone learns at different speeds but as an absolute minimum you should have a minimum of 3 lessons. A great option following your course with us is to consider taking some supervised rental. That way you don't have to commit to buying equipment right away and will be under the watchful eye of an instructor.

Q. What equipment do I need to bring along?

We provide absolutely everything but we recommend you bring along your own wetsuit shoes or boots. These are available to buy on the day from our shop base if you don't already have your own. We do have pairs we can lend out if required and footwear is mandatory on our Kitesurf lessons and recommended on our paddleboard lessons. We also recommend a towel, Suncream, and food and drink.

Q. Can I bring my own equipment to use on the lesson?

Absolutely! We actively encourage students to bring along any equipment they may already own. We tend to begin on ours as we know it works but it's important that you use your kit during your lessons at some stage. This way your instructor can check it's appropriate for your level and make sure it's working as it should.