From cruising around on flat water to big airs and riding waves it’s easy to see why kitesurfing has become so popular. Trust us to guide you into the sport quickly and safely and learn one of the most addictive sports on the planet!

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All our courses are taught by hand-picked experienced instructors using the latest equipment and are run on either a 1:1 private basis or in small groups for maximum progression.

We also offer more advanced lessons including a Directional/Surfboard clinic as well as a Hydrofoil clinic.

How to Book

All courses can be booked online, either on an individual pay as you go basis, or you can save money and purchase one of our class passes. These offer a block number of hours at a discounted rate and enable you to book individual sessions to fit around your availability.

What to bring to our Kitesurf courses
  1. Any medication such as Inhalers or Epi pens.
  2. Swimwear to wear under your wetsuit
  3. Wetsuit boots, (available to buy on arrival from £23.99)
  4. A towel
  5. Change for public car park
  6. Sturdy footwear
  7. Warm clothing / waterproof jacket/windproof cagoule
  8. Sunscreen
  9. Food & drink

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Class Passes



Taster Courses

There is no shortcut in learning but if you are just after a bit of a taster to see if the sport is for you, then our Kitesurf Taster is a great place to start!

Kitesurf Taster (For 2 people)

Lesson Information

The emphasis is on getting you out there with a kite in your hands and experiencing the best bits of the sport in a relaxed and safe atmosphere. We will quickly show you how to rig your kite and how the safety systems work and then get the kite off the ground and in your hands. You will experience the true power of the kites and depending on how you progress you may even have your first try at getting up on the board!

This course makes a great and unique gift for the wannabe kitesurfer in your life. It’s also a great way to see whether the sport is something you might like to take up before committing to lots of lessons.

It’s important to note that you will need further lessons before going out alone.

An action packed hands on Kitesurf experience

3 hours of tuition on a private 2:1 basis

£130 per person

Kitesurf Taster (For 1 person)

Lesson Information

This is the exact same course as the Kitesurf Taster for 2 people, but instead run on a private 1:1 basis for 1 person only, meaning you should progress even quicker as you have a kite all to yourself.

An action packed hands on Kitesurf experience

3 hours of tuition on a private 1:1 basis


Beginner Courses

For beginners with minimal experience who want to become independent riders we recommend a minimum of 5 lessons over multiple days.

For those with little or no kite flying experience we recommend starting with our Introduction to Kitesports which teaches you the basics. Practicing everything you’ve learnt after your course on a small land-based trainer kite will give you a huge head start for future lessons.

After completing our intro course, we then recommend our Kitesurf Beginner Course which teaches you all the basics including how to launch, land, control the power, body dragging, and getting yourself out of trouble if it all goes wrong. This is the 1st step in becoming an independent kiteboarder.

Introduction to Kitesports

Lesson Information

This practical land based course is all about learning to fly a kite and is a great intro to kitesports. We recommend completing this course first, if you want to learn to kitesurf, it’ll give you a real head start on the rest of your lessons. You will be using a variety of small but powerful 2-3m kitesurf trainer kites and learn basic control.

Topics covered include choosing a safe location, power kite flying, kite set up, & learning all about the wind.

We definitely also recommend buying a trainer kite, either before or after this intro as after-all, practice makes perfect! 

Get a real head start 

2 hour | Group only

£65 per person

Kitesurf Foundation Course (Private or Group)

Lesson Information

Our Kitesurf foundation course includes some all-important land-based theory and then we will get you out on the water for the very first time where you will learn to control a full-sized kitesurf kite. Here you will cover all the basics, including how to launch and land, control the power, body dragging, and how to get yourself out of trouble.

This is the first step in becoming an independent kiteboarder.

An introduction to the sport covering all of the basics

3 hour group | 3 hour private

£130 per person (Group) | £195 (Private)

Improver Courses

After completing one of our intro courses you are then ready for one of our Improver Lessons which builds on the knowledge gained from your first lesson and teaches you advanced body dragging techniques. Then as soon as you are ready for it, introduction to the board and your very first ride. It’s likely that you will need to book several of these Improver Courses before going out alone.

If you have had lessons before and are looking at refining your technique, then we recommend jumping straight on to this course.

Kitesurfer Improver (Private)

Lesson Information

Our private 2 or 3 hour Improver courses are completely bespoke and built around your current level and needs.

Whether that’s improving the basics such as kite control and body dragging or getting the board on your feet and nailing those first rides! For those that are already up and riding we can work on improving overall technique such as riding upwind, turning and even learning to jump!

Although we understand that some people learn much faster than others it’s important that even those that pick things up quickly book several of these sessions before going out and practicing alone.

Progressing you to the next level

2 | 3 hour private

£150 (2hrs) | £195 (3hrs)

Kitesurfer Improver (Group)

Lesson Information

This course is identical to the Private Improver Course but is run on a group rather than a private basis.

We’d recommend this for friends and family wanting to learn together or for those that just want to maximise their time out on the water and perhaps who learn best by being in a group and observing others.

It’s important to note that its normal to have 1- kite shared between the group. If both all students are doing well though and conditions allow then we will always try and get you on your own kite wherever possible. In the event that you book on to this group course and you are the only person booked then we will automatically condense this to a 2hr private course in line with our standard rates.

Progressing you to the next level

3 hour group

£130 per person

Class Passes

Class passes allow you to purchase a number of lessons in bulk at a discounted rate and will work out much cheaper than booking lessons on an individual pay as you go basis.

Class Pass (3x Lessons)

More Information

Simply purchase a pass and then use your special code to book lessons around your availability. Lessons do not need to be booked for consecutive days and passes can be used on both our foundation and improver courses for either private or group tuition.

Save money with this deal

Minimum of 6 hours tuition

£380 per pass

Class Pass (5x Lessons)

More Information

Simply purchase a pass and then use your special code to book lessons around your availability. Lessons do not need to be booked for consecutive days and passes can be used on both our foundation and improver courses for either private or group tuition.

Save money with this deal

Minimum of 10 hours tuition

£600 per pass

Advanced Courses

Our advanced courses are designed for independent riders who are able to ride up-wind and are confident on relaunching a kite in deep water.

Kite-Foil Clinic

Lesson Information

Kite foiling is an exciting new discipline, and we are proud to be one of the 1st schools in the country to offer specialist coaching in this. Imagine gliding silently above the surface of the water, covering huge distances on a single tack and traveling at insane angles upwind in the lightest of breezes – This Is Foiling! Its super addictive but is like learning to kitesurf all over again which is where some friendly pointers can really come in handy from our expert team. To book one of these clinics you must, as a minimum, be able to ride upwind, be comfortable launching a kite in deep water and signed off as a British Kitesports level 2 rider.

Introduction to the basics of foiling

3 hour private

£195 per person

Directional Surfboard Clinic

Lesson Information

,Riding a kite specific surfboard (directional) is great fun and allows you to get up and going in lighter winds than on a regular kiteboard because these boards generally having a higher volume (more floaty). Many people are intimidated though with having to learn to Jibe or the challenges of riding strapless. But fear not, with a few pointers you will soon be charging around, carving nice turns and throwing lots of spray!

Learn how to ride a directional kiteboard

2 hour private

£130 per person

Equipment Rental

We rent out the latest kitesurfing equipment to allow you to practice in-between lessons or after your course with us. All rentals are supervised by a qualified instructor to ensure your safety out on the water.

Rental includes all kitesurf equipment plus personal protective equipment including a helmet, buoyancy aid, wetsuit and harness.

Supervised Rental Equipment*

Further Information

*To rent equipment you must have had lessons with us and reached at least BKSA L1, part 4 meaning you are at the board-work stage. Rentals are supervised by an instructor to ensure the safety of yourself and 3rd parties. If we feel that you are endangering yourself or others you will be asked to land your kite and seek further tuition.

Practice in-between lessons or following your course

2 | 3 hour rental

£70 |£105 per person

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Gift Vouchers

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Gift Vouchers are available in any amount and can be purchased for all courses and holidays on offer. Vouchers are normally sent out by email the very same day as ordering – perfect if you’ve left it a bit late! We can also pop one in the post if you prefer.